Is Aura an ion generator?

Yes and No. In terms of traditional “ion generators” Aura is not. Traditional ion generators produce only negative ions and are limited in power because of protentional harmful effects including black wall effects at higher levels.

That limitation of power prevents negative ions levels from achieving effective levels in all but the smallest of spaces.

By producing over 70 trillion ions per second of both positive AND negative ions, Aura is able to achieve natural outdoor levels of equally balanced ionization. That means that the Aura produces the well-known healthy effects of negative ions without any of the negative effects.

Yes – we are generating ions but, because they are balanced, the product would not fit in the class of ion generators.

Does Aura produce ozone?

Aura converts a small portion of the major components of the ambient air (Nitrogen, Oxygen and Water Vapor) into ionized unstable elements.  As a result, at the face of the Aura traces of these are measurable but well within the normal outdoor levels.

These unstable elements, because they are unstable react quickly to recreate the normal outdoor freshness. There is no accumulation of ozone beyond what is experienced in the outdoor fresh air.

This is NOT an ozone generator.

How does Aura help solve sleep disorder problems?

Health issues caused by sleeping disorders have been increasing rapidly in the last few decades.

The root of sleep problems can be related to the sealing up of our homes during the first energy crisis in the 1970s.  We sealed our homes so tight that no fresh active air could get in and it changed our sleep patterns.  If you doubt that, compare how you sleep after being outdoors all day or sleeping in fresh outdoor air with how you sleep in your own bedroom.

The cause is simple. In the outdoor air, unstable forms of the molecules of the air are created by energy from the sun. Their instability causes them to be reactive. When we breathe, they react with our respiratory system in a natural way to create a small amount of mucus which serves 2 purposes. First, it allows the release of trapped pollutants when we exhale. Second, it keeps important parts of our system permeable. Both of these allow more transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide with each breath we take which in turn, raises our blood oxygen levels back to normal.

More oxygen = better sleep = better health.

How many will I need?

Since Aura is essentially a room device that will cover up to 800 square feet (6400 cubic feet) we recommend that one per occupied room. For a typical home that means 4 Aura. One for the bedroom, one for the kitchen, one for the family room or living room and the fourth for your car, or the spare bedroom, or for the pet’s litterbox area.

Is Aura safe to use regardless of any pre-existing health conditions or age?

Since the Aura reproduces fresh outdoor air properties in stale indoor air, it is difficult to conceive where it should not be used. It is hard to imagine where fresh air would not be a preferred environment.

As an additional benefit, when fresh air is introduced into a polluted environment, a breakdown of those pollutants occurs in a natural way. No unintended consequences occur.

Is there scientific proof that Aura works?

There are no specific independent studies involving Aura. There are, however, numerous studies, papers, and books establishing the fact that our health, our pet’s health, and even our plant’s health are directly related to the amount of time spent in fresh, healthy outdoor air.  Just as there are studies that there are negative consequences of spending too much time in stale air is also true. Modern studies relate indoor stale air to numerous complaints of sleep, allergies, and respiratory problems.

The Aura data establish the qualities of air treated with relationship to duplicating outdoor air.

How will I know if Aura works?

It is impossible to say with certainty that any product will provide a suitable answer to every set of environmental conditions or set of sensitivities related to that environment.   Every situation is unique.

The only true test is to try one in your specific environment. We offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee to allows you to make that determination. We think it is the most honest way to answer that question.  Less than 1% of people who try the Aura ever return it.

Does the Aura need filters and how much do they cost?

Answer. There are no filters. It is entirely electronic in nature. Converting energy into freshness.

Can Aura replace a CPAP for sleep apnea?

If someone ACTUALLY has sleep apnea there is no doubt that they will need a CPAP type device for assistance. Aura will not help at all.

However, authorities have determined as many as 2 of 3 CPAP’s prescribed are not for apnea but for other sleep disorders such as restlessness, snoring, insomnia, and a lack of restful sleep. A CPAP will work to solve these systems as well.

The Aura, by providing the characteristics of fresh outdoor air, provides a more natural and effective solution by attacking the root problem of stale indoor air.

We would never recommend anyone discontinue use of a prescribed device but we have recommended people try the Aura before committing to a CPAP unit.  Aura offers a 30-day money back warranty to allow people to find out if it solves the issue. It’s worth the trial and actually, less than 1% are returned.